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Shari Alyse: America's Next Talk Show Host

Meet Shari Alyse, Broowaha writer and contestant in the Oprah Winfrey Network's "America's Next Talk Show Host".   A Bill Friday interview.

Shari, on a professional level, how would you describe yourself?

I’m an aspiring actress and TV talk show host and a writer for

So, if you had to make a choice?

Through the years, as I have gotten older and have been learning more about myself, I have come to find that I make a lot better "me" than I do playing someone else. That is why I have put forth a lot more effort in the recent years to pursue the hosting route. I find that we all have something to teach one another, and I want to be a part of being able to do something positive with my life.

Why a talk show host?

People have always opened up to me. Whether it’s on my first day of work and the manager starts spilling her life to me and ends up crying, or the person on the airplane that talks to me about their life the whole flight, or people who send me emails on my social media sites asking me for advice.

I bet that can get awfully tedious.

It's just always been a part of who I am and what I’m used to.

What made you decide to enter the contest?

I’ve been watching Oprah since her show started 25 years ago. I’ve always looked up to her because of her honesty and her ability to just be who she is and make no apologies for it. I find myself being the same way. I’ve never acted like I’m anyone else. I embrace all parts of me, good and bad, and I think that might be why people feel connected and open with me. I’m not afraid to be who I am and I encourage everyone to shine their lights and live in their truth.

You, building that connection with people… it’s taken on many forms, hasn’t it?

Over the last few years when social networking sites began, I found myself always leaving inspirational quotes, messages and comments every day, inspiring people to live their best lives. I then started taking the route of doing vlogs. I started getting regular subscribers who began asking for more vlogs. It was a chance for me to share what was in my heart, plus any other silly thing I wanted to talk about. After my brief stint as a co-host on Internet radio, I realized how much I truly enjoyed hosting, and how I wanted to pursue it even more. I also started my own website, where I was able to put everything I was passionate about on one site - my daily inspirations, thoughts, quotes, vlogs, blog, links to my acting work, etc...

And now you’re trying to take these connections, this passion, to the next level?

All this time I was constantly telling people I was going to be the next "Oprah but Shari". I even went as far as to say I was going to take over her job when she retired, or I at least was going to work for her. When she announced her retirement, all of my friends immediately contacted me and told me that my visualizing and manifesting was really working! I knew I had to work hard to get any sort of attention and experience since 2011 - her retirement - was quickly approaching. Then the announcement of this contest. I couldn’t believe it! My perfect opportunity! I had been praying everyday that a door would be opened for me and here it was. The Oprah Winfrey Network was looking for their next TV talk show host! This time everyone was contacting me and I just knew this was my time! I got my friend and my camera and we made my video and entered it into the competition.

How about giving the readers the details about the competition.

The contest runs until July 3rd, and you can vote as often and as many times as you like (laughing). Vote for me every day, all day.

That's good to know.

I’m not in the front runners of votes as I don’t have a huge social networking circle like these front runners do. But I believe in my concept, my ability as a host, and mainly I know this is what I am meant to do. I just need the support of others to help make my dream a reality. What I really need is one big celebrity to tweet about me and post my link and I think my votes could skyrocket!

So, tell everyone about your show? How do you see it?

My show would be a traditional talk show, but based on sharing positive things that are happening in this world. There are so many good people who are doing good things that we never hear about. I want to encourage, inspire and bring hope back to people's lives. We've forgotten to live in joy. Life is not that difficult, but we seem to focus on what we lack instead of the true beauty that exists in our lives. This was evident to me when I went to Haiti back in February to help with disaster relief after the earthquake.

Talk about your trip. Why did you go?

I went to help rebuild an orphanage and these children had no parents, had missing limbs, barely anything to eat, but they couldn’t stop smiling and laughing and singing. They truly know what living is about! Not once did they cry or complain. When I gave them toys or food, the first thing they did was try to share it. It’s amazing to me that whenever you see stories of people living in these third world countries, they always have this sparkle in their eyes and these huge smiles. They have figured out what is important in life, and I want to share stories like these. I want to remind people what is important. I want to show people how to see how truly blessed we are, and to start living our own truth and to shine our own lights. Of course I want the show to be fun, and it will be since I am a goofball. If I have celebrities on my show, I want to know what they are doing with their voices to help change the world.

But what about people, particularly people in the business, who say that what really drives ratings is “bad news”?

To the naysayers that say bad news sells, I will mention Susan Boyle, Faith the Dog, Juan Mann who started the Free Hugs Campaign, even Zach Anner who is the boy with cerebral palsy who is also in this competition. People want to be inspired. They want to feel good. People enjoy the bad news because it makes them feel better about their own lives. Well what if I did that for them without having to share negativity. People would be on their own path to greatness, that they wouldn’t have a need to hear the crap in this world because they'd be up and running in their own lives. Also, I want to start a kindness movement. I will have segments everyday about people paying it forward and doing for others without the expectation of getting it back. It will be a fun, joyful, and inspiring show, and I know people will love it!

What are you doing in the meantime to, you know, pay the bills?

I’m a waitress right now who has been doing it since I got out of college in pursuit of the "dream". In my twenties, I was all ego. I wanted to be famous because I wanted to be loved. Now in my thirties, I want to be famous because I want to give love. I know what I can use my voice for, and I want to do that on a grand scale!

Now we know what you being the Oprah Network’s next talk show host, but you believe this will have an impact on others as well.

Voting for me is voting for you. My show is OUR show. It’s not about the PhD’s as guests. You are my guests. I’m not any more enlightened, wiser, better, I just use my gifts that I was blessed with to help get people to open up and share, and share a little laughter. We're all on this journey together, with different paths to get there, and we all have something to teach through our own experiences. That is what my show will be about.

How easy is it for people to vote? I mean, it’s easy… isn’t it?

100 votes per day is approximately 5 minutes out of your day, to help make my dream a reality. Please pay it forward and help a girl out.

Shari Alyse... thank you.

*** Vote for Shari through July 3, 2010 by clicking on, and get your updates from Shari on Twitter, or watch Shari's blogs and vlogs anytime at

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  1. Great piece, Bill. And FANTASTIC to see Broo alumni doing so well! I already went and voted and posted to my FB page... I hope she gets it (and then does a Broo episode)!