Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Am Fucked No More


A reissue of my final column for a soon-to-be deceased internet venue.  Please follow the link to the beautiful, new Expats Post, the new home of Friday On Friday, and a whole lineup of talented writers.

For now, here is "I Am Fucked No More" 

Epiphany in my time of greatest need
that the shit on which I feed no longer satisfies my empty beggars gut
as it once did
I am whole within myself
and no sorry-ass opinion of my well-chronicled condition
matters now or in the future
as it once did
like before
I’m telling all
from now on
broken gone
I am fucked no more.

Guarantee of time is a cruel lie
a hate crime against the stupid and the desperate
against me
against yourself
There is now and there is now
yesterday is dead
tomorrow deader
move or be consumed
buried and exhumed and killed again
like before
I’m holding nothing back
from now on
broken gone
I am fucked no more.

To see my end as a beginning
like the blind see darkness clearer in the gray
never once did
till today
No peace no tears no closure
no release from guilt or shame
only what is built on bones that stand
and do not crumble
like before
I’m letting go
from now on
broken gone
I am fucked no more.

Story done and over but unfinished
most or more than that
left unsaid
as it should be
till accounts are closed
till I’m dead
Till then unsatisfied
my fulfillment never closer
never clearer
one day said
Victory won
from now on
broken gone
I am fucked no more.

Copyright © 2011-2012 Bill Friday


  1. My new catchphrase, Bill. Don't think I'll share it with my ten year-old. ;)

  2. I'm here, I'm here!!

    You ARE fucked no more. You've already dominated it's on to the universe.

    Always a pleasure to be in your company, no matter what the venue.