Saturday, April 21, 2012

(the) Philosophy Of Shit

Think... or get off the pot.
I wrote the following words this past week, and posted them on Facebook, during a time of emotional upheaval... 

Philosophy of Shit. 

“Taking shit from somebody indicates a felt need for more shit in one’s life… Giving a shit indicates a history of needlessly taking shit from others… 

To say that I no longer give a shit, or take shit, from anyone, anymore, about anything, indicates that my personal shit levels are finally right where they should be… 

No shit.”

...which led to more upheaval.  So, this begins a semi-regular feature for It’s Always Friday (it may even get its own space at the top of the front page), where life becomes its own philosophy, not the other way around.  I’m hoping that, in the future, they will be funnier than this one... but for now, feel free to utilize this “Philosophy of Shit” everyday in your own life, just as I have.

Hell, maybe one day, and entire branch of philosophy named after me (think, Shit My Friday Says, or Same Friday—Different Day).  If I’m really lucky, I can just make sure none of it runs over 140 characters, and Tweet my shit.  Or... there’s a blank billboard on Crenshaw Blvd. under the glide path for Torrance Airport that has needed some words on it for the better part of the last decade...

Just sayin’.

© 2012 Bill Friday


  1. I like your name suggestions for your school of philosophy. Here are some other ones:

    "I don't give a Friday"
    "Shootin' the Friday"
    "This tastes like Friday"
    "Beats the Friday out of me!"
    "When the Friday hits the fan"

    I won't even ask for credit!

    1. Which makes me think of more, like...

      "Never eat where you Friday"
      "You don't know Friday from Shinola"
      "Friday happens"

      and of course...

      "My Daddy can kick the Friday out of your Daddy!!!"

      (I love philosophy)

  2. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a Friday"

    1. YEAH! With our three minds, we could go on all day :D

  3. I'll give you a "Piece of Friday."

    Eat Friday and DIE!
    (for use on particularly bad days.

  4. That image is the best thing I've seen all week.

  5. I personally like Friday Happens! The double entendre just works for me. :)