Monday, July 30, 2012


I never hit her, although once she took a swing at me.
I put my arms up, and she bruised herself on one more bony than she.

I never left her, until the day that she left me.
I had patience.  The kind that lasts a lifetime.  Till there was no more we.

I never loved her, but I thought so when I was too young to see.
Only blinded till I wasn’t any longer.  It was just stupidity.

Copyright © 2012 Bill Friday


  1. I am not sure how to feel about this... so I leave you now...not sure how I feel, but know that you have provoked much thought. :)

  2. Keep punchin'? Or missed point.

  3. Remind me to tell you a story I have about this. It's not the type of story I want to tell in public.

    I love this, and not because it's the type of poem that makes me think happy thoughts. It's because it's told from the point of view of someone who is *looking back on* the situation, and not from the thick of it.